Hire Us to Maintain Your AC

Hire Us to Maintain Your AC

5 signs you need HVAC repairs in Phoenix, AZ

In the sweltering Arizona heat, you need to make sure your AC can keep your property comfortable on the hottest days on the year. Service King, LLC can repair your unit if it's not working properly. You should hire us to fix your air conditioner if:

1.Some rooms feel cooler than others
2.Your unit is making loud rattling noises
3.You smell a foul odor coming from your unit
4.Water is pooling around your air conditioner
5.Your air conditioner turns off randomly

We'll pinpoint the problem quickly so cool air can circulate evenly throughout your home or business building.

Call 480-371-6156 now to schedule HVAC repairs for your Phoenix, Arizona property.

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Service King provides commercial and residential HVAC maintenance services in Phoenix, Arizona. We'll inspect and service your unit to keep it functioning properly year-round. Contact us today to learn more about your HVAC maintenance options in Phoenix, Arizona.